A letter to Speaker Boehner

I just spent the following correspondence to Speaker Boehner’s office in response to the House Republican leadership’s decision to remove him from the House Financial Services Committee:

I am writing to express my condemnation for the decision to remove Congressman Walter Jones from the House Financial Services Committee. As a North Carolina citizen, I am angry that my representation on such a committee has been discarded because of an effort to exert the leadership’s will on the entire party. I have been a loyal Republican all of my life, but this decision is offensive to me. Congressman Jones is one of a very few number of people that is willing to stand up for his citizens no matter what, even in the face of opposition from his own party leaders. He should not be removed from his position simply because he does not bend to your will. He has not been bought by corporations or special interest groups, and the people of his district have continually reelected him because of this.

Although I personally agree with our party’s leadership on many issues, perhaps even more times than Congressman Jones does, I believe that Congressman Jones offers a different perspective that our party is in need of to grow stronger. If voices such as his are continually stifled, the Republican Party will continue to be in the minority.

I urge you to please reconsider this decision, as Congressman Jones is a valuable asset to our Grand Party and this Great Nation.

A Friendly Disclaimer

Originally posted on my Facebook page:

As the political season enters convention time, I thought it important for me to make a few statements…

If you know me at all, you know that I am a highly political person. I speak my mind on a myriad of issues. Many of you are my friends because of that, but many of you disagree with me.

Now, I have toyed with the idea of creating a list of friends that would not be subjected to seeing my political statuses, but I have come to the conclusion that my political and religious opinions are a huge part of who I am. I should not be prevented from speaking my mind just because people disagree with me.

In that knowledge, this is your official warning. I will post my thoughts in my own statuses, and (barring changes in your own settings) in response to your statuses as well. If you post a political status as my friend, be advised that I may say something that contradicts your views (but I may also support your views!). Continue reading

Eyes on November: U.S. Congress 10th District

Now that the primary is over for many races, it is important that we take a look at the two candidates that have been chosen to go after some of the seats open in November. First, I want to start with the 10th Congressional District.

First off, redistricting has to occur after every census year, and as a result, our district lines will be changing. For years, Gaston County has been cut in half, with the east (9th Dist.) being represented by Sue Myrick and a small portion in the west (10th Dist.) represented by Patrick McHenry. After redistricting, all of Gaston County will be moved into the 10th District. The new district includes all of Gaston, Lincoln, Cleveland, Rutherford, and Polk counties, as well as the majority of Catawba and the Asheville portion of Buncombe.

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Phony Letters Supporting the Parkway

I got this nice little email from the people at StopTheTollRoad.com and I thought I would share!





Tuesday morning the Charlotte Observer reported Rep. Bill Current leaned on the Governor’s office to falsely tell legislators the DOT wanted funding for the Garden Parkway toll road put back into this year’s budget, even though DOT said it couldn’t use the money.  Click here to read the Observer story.

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Reaction to the Santorum Campaign’s Suspension

I am deeply saddened by Senator Santorum’s decision to withdraw from the race. I truly believe he would be a great leader for this country, and I regret that he will not be bringing his Conservative values to the White House.

So, now that I am 0-2 this Primary season, I think it is time to turn our attention to November. The Primary process is now ending and we must rally behind one candidate, whoever it may be, to ensure the defeat of Barack Obama in the Fall.

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Why I Am Voting for the Marriage Amendment

This primary season, North Carolina will be voting on whether or not to amend out state’s Constitution to state that we define marriage as between one man and one woman. While there has been much controversy surrounding the issue, including some half-truths and misconceptions, I believe the Marriage Amendment is a good thing, and I plan to vote for it.

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BREAKING NEWS: Christians Sin

I’ve noticed several people in recent days saying that true Christians could never sin, or saying that if you sin you cannot be a Christian. Could we get any farther from the truth?

Romans 3:23 - For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God [That includes Christians].

We ARE to live holy lives, pleasing and acceptable to God. We ARE to shake off the temptation of sin in the world. But NO ONE can EVER be perfect without Jesus. End of story.

Paul said we are to die daily. We WILL sin. We WILL stray. Pobody’s Nerfect.

What is important is that, although we may sin, we MUST seek after God’s own heart, striving constantly to be as like Him as we can. We MUST seek His forgiveness when we falter.

God knows our hearts, and when we are in true communion with Him, we will not want to sin. It is when we take our eyes off of Him that we sink. That is going to happen. But, He will be there to pick us back up again. That doesn’t give us a free pass to do whatever we want, but we as Christians have to stop condemning each other to an eternity in hell and start encouraging each other to live a better, more Christ-like life.

Water, Water Everywhere…

Nearly 1 Billion people don’t have access to clean water. That needs to change.

It is my goal to raise $5,000 by June 24th to get a constant supply of clean water to 250 people.

To do this, I am giving up my birthday, and I am requesting that everyone I know would give to this cause as a gift to me and people around the world. If just 250 of my 400+ Facebook friends, 600+ Twitter followers, and countless other real-life friends will give just $20 each, we can reach this goal in no time.

100% of our donations will go to funding this water project. Donate at the website below. Donating is fast and easy! I’ve already donated. Will you join me?

PLEASE donate, any amount, share with your friends, and pray that we can reach this goal together!